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The Great Pyramids of Egypt

Essay #1 History of Inventions 4th Grade

Hi, today I will be talking about the Great Pyramids of Egypt, I just learned about in the 4th grade history lesson. I thought it was interesting to learn about the mythology of the pyramids. So it looks like at the bottom of the pyramids were the common people and at the top was the pharaoh.

One thing I found interesting is that scientists still don’t know how they built them. I think they used a pulley system to move the blocks up and up the pyramid levels. I think they used crowbars or levers to lift the blocks of the ground. I learned from the book “Archimedes And His Wonderful Discoveries,” that the farther back you are on the lever or crowbar the more you can pry out or lift up a heavy object.

Inspired by the pyramids I went and built a Pyramid in Minecraft, check out the pictures below.

Thank you for reading, and please comment below and let me know what you think about the pyramids and how they were built.


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