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Cyclical view of time vs linear view of time

Essay #2 History of Inventions 4th Grade

Hello, and welcome to cyclical view of time vs linear view of time.

The cyclical view of time, looks like a wheel with the world starting from chaos and then from chaos went to order and then from order went to confusion and then from confusion went back to chaos, and that cycle repeated over and over again. Incan, Mayan, Hopi Indians, Ancient Greeks, Romans and , Buddhist had a cyclical view of time.

Ancient ruins, created in Minecraft

The linear view of time, assumes that life has a beginning, a middle and an end, and it originated from creation by God and is going to end with the Final Judgment. This view of time was adopted by the Islamic and Judeo-Christians, and it is used today.

Could it be that the cyclical time view of the world is why ancient civilization such as the Mayan gained little capital during their era. By capital, in this case, I mean inventions. Yes, inventions are a form of capital. The inventions that were passed on to us from ancient civilizations are far fewer compared to the discoveries that took place since the 1800s.

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