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Swords and Warships

Essay #3 History of Inventions 4th Grade

Hello, today I’ll be talking about the evolution of military combat, to be more precise, about swords and warships.


We don’t know who invented the sword, but we know that swords were used by all ancient cultures.

At first the swords had round tips because the armor of the opponent wasn’t that strong, so the tip didn’t need to be super, super pointed. As the armor grew stronger and stronger, the tip of the sword, grew sharper and sharper too, and it had some improvements like the cross-guard, and the pommel. It also became longer.

The crossguard is a protection for the hand. The pommel is so the hand doesn’t slip off the sword. The first swords were actually a little bit like daggers, and then overtime, like I said, they changed.

In the 19th century the sword started to fade away, because of the invention of firearms. Swords today or mostly used for ceremonies in the military or navy.


Now I’m going to be talking about warships. So let’s get started. The next big step for war were warships. Warships are just like normal ships but they are equipped for war and they are stronger than normal ships.

Warships in the old days had ors, (big long paddles), and oarsman, (the slaves that operated the oars). They had two attacks, boarding an enemy ship or ramming into them with a big copper object on the bow or front of the ship just above the waterline, it could also split the enemy ship in half.

Warships were used in the time of Mesopotamia, Ancient Persia, Ancient Greece, and The Roman Empire. The empire that had warships had a great advantage over the ones who didn’t, because they could travel distances that cannot be traveled by foot.

So the conclusion is that warships were pretty, pretty valuable in conquering new territories. I will name some of the war ships throughout history: The Penteconter, used by Ancient Greeks, The Bireme, used by romans during the Caesar’s second invasion of Britain, and the Trireme, used bu Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans.

So, internet friends, what do you think about swords and warships? Leave a comment below and follow my blog for more cool lessons.


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