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Essay #4 History of Inventions 4th Grade

Hello, in todays lesson I will be talking about cranes and their impact on the development of buildings. I will be talking about them today, let’s get started. First let’s start with what cranes are.

Cranes are big tall machines that lift heavy objects high up. They also move object as far as their perimeter can reach. A crane is generally equipped with rope, wires, or chains. At the end of the lower sleeve is a hook that is used to lift objects, mostly heavy objects. 1

The first known crane was the “shadouf” a water lifting device, it was invented in Mesopotamia or modern Iraq, it appeared in ancient Egyptian technology. The construction of cranes later appeared in ancient Greece where they were powered by men or animals such as donkeys, and used for the construction of buildings. Larger cranes were later developed in the Roman Empire, employing the use of human tread-wheels permitting in the lifting of heavier weights. 1

So, as we can see cranes helped lift heavy objects and place them where we wanted them to go, cranes helped build some of the biggest structures in the world, possibly the Great Pyramids to the modern skyscrapers we see today.

Thank you for reading this blog, please let me know in the comments your thoughts.

Have a nice day, and once again thank you.

1 Reference: Wikipedia, Craine (machine).


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