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Shore trooper

Hello, in today’s lesson I will be talking about the shore trooper.

The shore trooper really stands out against the plain white armor of regular storm troopers, their armor blends in with the sand, that’s why I really like these troopers, and also I really love the design of their helmet its very unique.

If you see a shore trooper with blue paint on his chest plate, that means he is a captain, his belt contains ammunition for his blaster, and he carries an E-22 blaster rifle. He is not a human clone he is just a recruiting human, and you can see him in the movie Rogue One.

Shore troopers are equipped for their environment which is the beach, and they have fans inside their helmet to keep them cool. They also have air filters to reduce sand inhalation. Their armor is coded with a special coding to prevent salt damage, because they’re at the beach.

Thank you for reading this lesson please comment below if you have any questions about this trooper. Bye and have a nice day.

Reference: Star Wars Character Encyclopedia.


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