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Essay #9 History of Inventions

Hello, in todays lesson I will be talking about horseshoes.

Let’s start with what horseshoes are. Horseshoes are made of metal and they are U-shaped, please look at the picture below. Horseshoes are nailed into the hoof of the horse to protect the hoof from cracking, because with the human on the back of a horse even that little extra weight if they step on a rock they could crack their hoof, and I think that hurts, yeah it probably hurts.

The metal for the horseshoe is made into a U-shape by a blacksmith that heats up the metal then bends it into the U-shape I was talking about and then dips it in water to cool it down. By the way a blacksmith is a man who makes swords, horseshoes, shields, etc.

In the beginning people used to wrap things like leather around the horses hoofs, at least that gave a little bit of protection, then came along the horse boots. Horse boots are like horseshoes, well, uuuu, a little bit, but they are completely closed with metal on the bottom, and they are taller, like boots, I’ll try and find a picture for that too, if I don’t sorry.

Horseshoes became common throughout Europe in 1000 AD. After humans noticed that horse hooves can crack if they step on a rock with us on their back we decided to help, hopefully the horses like it, maybe, maybe not, I do not know.

Thank you for reading the short little article about horseshoes. I hope you enjoyed it. Oh, and also can you think of another invention that helped animals, or horses, or any animal really.


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