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The effect of the fall of the Roman Empire on glass

Essay # 10 History of Inventions

Hello in today’s lesson I will be talking about the effect of the collapse of the Roman empire on glass. Let’s get started.

Romans always made good glass, what I mean by good glass is thin, see-through, clean, no air bubbles, etc. The only problem was it wasn’t colorful. After the Roman Empire collapsed glass making was on a set back. We didn’t know what Romans used to make their glass so we started experimenting with glass making. We recycled Roman’s old glass and glassware. We started experimenting and we found a glass called forest glass, Forest glass wasn’t as clear as the Roman glass or as thin or as smooth, it had air bubbles in it and it was usually gray or green colored, and it was also thick.

We also discovered how to change the color of glass! while trying to discover how to make glass two. And since we discovered how to stain glass, we used such colored glass in churches, that’s a good example, churches windows are made of stained glass and they are usually very colorful.

As we can see the collapse of the Roman empire kind of helped our creativity go up as to discover how to color glass, and how to make forest glass, and other glass.

Thank you for reading today’s article about the effect of the fall of the Roman Empire on glass. I hope you enjoyed it. Do you know anything else that the Roman empire affected?

Bye for now, see you next time.


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