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Four Islamic Scholars

Essay # 11 History Of Inventions

Hello, in today’s lesson I will be talking about four Islamic scholars I learned about this week. Let’s get started.


Al-Kindy is the father of Islamic philosophy, but he also did astronomy, math, and optics. He was born in 801 A.D. into a Bedoen tribe and he moved to Baghdad for more wisdom. Over the years he became a popular teacher at the House Of Wisdom. The House Of Wisdom is a place where scholars go to learn about ancient writings and other sorts of things. He was a middleman who is in between the translator and the patrons, he also was a good salesman for books that were advertisements for the patrons. His influence in the field of physics, mathematics, philosophy, and surprisingly music lasted for several centuries. I play music myself. I play the piano so that’s pretty nice that he influenced music.


Al-Khwarizmi is un Islamic mathematician also known as the father of algebra. He was born in 780 A.D. He wrote an important book in 830 A.D. about algebra, what is considered to be the first book written on algebra. He was also the father of algorithm. He also went to the House Of Wisdom. The word algorithm is derived from his name, that’s interesting.


Al- Razi was born in 854 A.D, and he is known for discovering smallpox. He described diseases straightforward. He did not lye or ask for money from rich or poor people. He made a book called The Virtuous Life, it is a medical book or encyclopedia. Many people can say he was one of the greatest doctors in the world.


Al-Hazen, he was born in 965 A.D. and he discovered a new way of thinking about how light enters the eye. There was Plato’s version, where light was emitted from the yeyeball, and Aristotle‘s version, where light is transmitted to the eyeball from one place. Al-Hazen had a different way of thinking, he said that light came from many different points and then entered the eye, that is very close to how we think today. This way of thinking was adopted by other people later on. He was known for his advances in the field of vision.

Thank you for reading this article about for Islamic scholars and their discoveries. do you know of any Islamic scholars? Bye see you next time 🙂


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