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What I love about where I live

Essay #3 English 5th Grade

Hello, in today’s English essay I will be talking about what I love about where I live, let’s go.

I live at the beach and I love it, because when I wake up the first thing I see is the beach, literally, and I live really close to my friends, they are a few minutes away.

I see birds flying when I wake up, I see the waves, the sky, the sand, and people at the beach. I live in an apartment, so I really don’t have to mow the lawn, and that’s nice.

I also like it because it gives me that feeling of summer every day, so yeah it’s pretty nice. Many times the waves are super big, usually during tropical storms, and hurricanes. It’s actually quite scary.

Overall it is really nice living at the beach.

Thank you for reading this short article about why I love living where I live. Bye, see you next time. Would you share with me why do you like where you live?


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