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Christian realism

Essay #6 Science 5th grade

My favorite period of art is most likely the Christian realism, a period when the incarnation of Jesus Christ and the story of his life had a profound impact on art. In the 1800s artists noticed that when God send his son to earth, in other words Jesus Christ, the way he experience or feel every day life with common people, it helped us realize that each person is worthy of love. We’re all equal in God’s eyes. The art back then, in this period of art, was very, how can I put it biblical? I don’t know if that’s the right word but it had a lot to do with God, paintings of people praying, people seeing God, and angels. It depicted more than what we can see with our naked eyes. And that’s why I like it. Later on artists removed the mystery out of paintings and they became more factual, kind of like the pictures of today. So, I love art that paints what the imagination can see along with what the eyes can see.

Thank you for reading this essay about Christian realism, I hope you enjoyed. What is your favorite painting that Hass to do with God. Have a nice day, bye for now and see you next time.


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