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Manatees are large mammals up to 10 feet long. Manatees like to stay in relatively shallow waters, 5 to 20 feet deep. Manatees eat aquatic grass, such as mangrove leaves that fall from the mangroves, seagrass, and sea lettuce. Manatees like to touch each other, that’s how they know who some other manatees are. Manatees can see very far range, very well, but they cannot see close up, or at least they can’t see very well close up. Manatees have four bones under their skin in their flipper, they also have 4 to 3 visible fingernails on their flipper. They have a special digestive system, but it may take seven days for them to digest one meal. Manatees like to clean their teeth with rocks, or rub their teeth against anchor line. Manatees are found caught in fishing line and crab traps, if we pollute the water they might die, be very careful around manatees territory. Often, manatees get cut by the propellers of boats, so once again, be careful.

That paragraph was a factual paragraph, now I’m going to tell you what I think about manatees from my trip that I didn’t tell you about yet until now. I find manatees very cute and adorable, sometimes scary because of their gigantic size but still, cute and adorable. What I find creepy about manatees is that sand comes out of their eyes, but don’t worry they have a special eyelid that protects their eyes. I especially love the baby manatees because they’re not too big and they also are fun, meaning that they move around a lot, they like to explore, and they do this super cute squeaky noise when they talk to their mom, or dad. A baby manatee touched my back, he was very warm. Oh and if you wanted to know where I went on my trip, I went to Crystal River Florida.

Reference: our wild World manatees. By Katy Feeney.

Thank you for reading this essay about manatees I hope you enjoyed, would you like to share with me what you learned about vanities? Bye for now, and see you next time.


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