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Space exploration

Essay #7 Science 5th Grade

Hello today’s lesson I’ll be talking about space exploration, let’s get started.

Why would anybody want to go to space? Why would anybody want to explore space? And also how could anybody dare to go to space, I find it scary. Well, people want to go to space to explore and learn about space to someday, go to Mars and other planets, or even cooler, other solar systems. To go to space you have to be very confident in yourself, but that’s not all, you also have to be physically and mentally strong. We talked about the questions why, but now let’s talk about the question how, how can you go to space, and stay there, for a long or short period of time. First you would need a rocket, or a way to get up to space, second you would need a living area, that’s if you want to stay there for a long time, and most important a way to get back down to earth.

Thank you for reading this essay about space exploration, I hope you enjoyed. Would you like to share with me if you want to go to space? I honestly don’t, but I find it cool. Anyway bye and see you next time.


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