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My favorite way to do homeschooling

Essay #8 English 5th Grade

Hello, in today’s essay I will be talking about my favorite way to do homeschooling. Let’s get started.

My favorite way to do homeschooling is to do it inside, I like doing it inside because, number one, I have Internet, because many of my lessons require Internet, number two, it’s nice and quiet, and number three, it’s not so cold or hot like it is outside.I like nice and smooth days, meaning I get done with my lessons and I get to play, it’s not always like that but, I want it to be. What’s your favorite way to do homeschooling, or school in general? Also, because I do homeschooling, my schedule is flexible, which allows me to go to piano/art, soccer, private coaching soccer.

Thank you for reading this essay about my favorite way to do homeschooling. Have a nice day and bye for now.


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