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The telescope, newspaper, William Gilbert, and the compound microscope

Essay #21 History Of Inventions

The telescope

Robert Grosseteste was the first to really investigate refraction, Hans leprosy invented the telescope in 1608. The telescope magnifies far away objects. It’s spread very quickly, people liked it because they could do astronomy with it. It is a symbol of advanced science, with the telescope you could see the moons of Jupiter. Many scientific breakthroughs were made with the telescope. I think that it helped us go to the moon. Well at least it helped us no what the moon surface looked like, alittle bit.


Newspaper first began in Germany in 1605, but newspaper wasn’t always on paper, it used to be written in stone, but then when paper was invented it could be called newspaper. After the invention of the printing press it made printing this newspaper much cheaper. Newspaper quickly transmits information, it’s more reliable than word of mouth. Popular topics for muse were wars, foreign relations, and gossip. Newspapers are published frequently.

William Gilbert

William Gilbert is a scientist, he had a scientific interest in magnetism, so he wrote a book about it in 1600. He made a ball, or a sphere, that would represent the earth, and as we all know the earth is one big magnet, so he did his experiments with that sphere. He introduced the concept of attractive force, he was also the first to use the term electric force. His book had a huge impact on the world, it even influenced Galileo Galilei and several other scientists. He initiated the science of electromagnetism, and he also proposed that space is a vacuum.

The compound microscope

The compound microscope uses multiple lenses to magnify whatever small objects that are “ invisible” you’re looking at. It can generate 1000 times magnification. It uses objective and eyepiece lenses, like I said, it’s useful for enlarging “invisible” items. It most likely was invented by the Dutch around 1590, in 1624 Galileo had developed his own compound microscope. Antoine van Leeuwenhoek popularized the microscope and became the “father of microbiology.” Overall the compound microscope is still used today and is very helpful.

Thank you for reading this essay about the telescope, newspaper, William Gilbert, and the compound microscope. I hope you enjoyed, have a good day and bye for now.


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