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The citizen science project

Essay #8 science 5th grade

Hello, in today’s lesson I will be talking about the citizen science project. Let’s get started.

The citizen science project is technically a preparation for getting people on Mars, so let’s see what scientists are trying to learn, what kind of data they’re using, and where they got the data from.

The first question is what are scientist trying to learn? Scientists are trying to learn how to get humans on Mars, and for that, they need to find out what the living conditions on Mars are. But you must be asking what kind of tools are they using to gather data? They are using Mars rovers. Initially they sent three rovers, Spirit, Opportunity, and Curiosity. The rovers send images down to the earth and the scientists put them together to create a 4K video, that gives us a very realistic view of what Mars looks like. You can check one of these videos here:

I think that Mars looks just like Tatooine from Star Wars. What do you think?

It’s unfortunate that Spirit and Opportunity succumbed to Mars’s harsh environment. Spirit was covered by sand dunes after six years of service; and Opportunity after 14 years of work, froze to death. They found clay on Mars, which indicates that at some point in time there was water on this planet. Also the color of the sky on Mars is not blue like on earth but reddish and hazy.

Personally I like living on earth, I really don’t want to go to Mars. Plus, if God wanted us to live on Mars he would’ve placed us there. How about you? Where do you want to live?

Thank you for reading this essay about the citizen science project. I hope you enjoyed and bye for now.


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