If I were to travel back in time where would I go

Essay #10 English 5th Grade

Hello, in today’s lesson I will be talking about if I were to travel back in time where would I go? Keep reading to find out.

If I want to travel back in time I would most likely go to the time of the dinosaurs, because I really like dinosaurs. I would want to see the Carnotaurus, the Dimorphodon, and the Liplurodon. The reason I would want to see all these dinosaurs is because they’re most likely my favorite dinosaurs from water, land, and sky. I would like to see myself next to the Carnotaurus because I want to compare the size of my arm with their arm, if you didn’t know their arm is like the size of a very small book. A.k.a. it’s super duper small. But I would have to be careful because I don’t want him to eat me, now that I’m thinking about it that might be kind of dangerous. And by the way I would only want to see that Liplurdon, not actually be next to it, because again it can kill me. To be exact most of all dinosaurs can kill anybody. And the Dimorphodon, I kind of want to ride on it, but that’s probably not gonna happen. But you never know, never, ever, ever. I might actually be able to do the stuff I want.

Thank you for reading this essay about if I were to travel back in time where would I go, please if you want write down in the comments below what dinosaur you would want to see, or where you would want to go. Anyway have a good day or night or evening, I don’t know where you are but, have a good everything! Ha ha. Well, see you later and bye.

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