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Mersenne’s laws, Cartesian coordinates, The mechanical calculator, and Blaise pascal

Essay #23 History Of Inventions

Hello, in today’s lesson I will be talking about Mersenne’s laws, The mechanical calculator, and Blaise pascal. Let’s get started.

Mersenne’s laws

Mersenne was born in 1558 in France, he believed that when you do math you should never confuse it with God, meaning you do an equation and it means something and you say oh my goodness I found God but he believed not to do that of course. His law tells us how to string an instrument, say you have a guitar and it’s out of tune with his low you would know how to string a guitar back to its original good sounding form. The longer the notes the lower the sound, and the tighter the notes the higher the sound, and also the heavier the notes the lower the sound. He published a book of all of his findings and it was quite popular. You would most likely know that because we still use his technique today.

Cartesian coordinates

The man who invented this was born in France and as you can tell his name was Cartesian. He was educated by the Jesuits, but he took an interesting turn and went to the dutch army, he was a Christian and he believed in God, he published a coordinate system in 1637 system lets you graph coordinates on a plane, for example X and Y coordinates. Here’s an example: AX+ BY=CZ. We still use his technique today because my dad actually wanted to teach it to me in my math book but anyway. His technique is very helpful and hopefully the world appreciated. Did you know that Newtonian philosophy was adopted by the freemasons. And did you know that George Washington was a Freemason. And 13 other people that signed the constitution were freemasons, exactly 33.33%.

Mechanical calculator

Blaise Pascal was born in France in 1623, he was the one who invented the pastel calculator, the Paschal calculator did addition and subtraction, and multiplication in division but those two were harder. He designed a special “carry” mechanism, the exterior of it consisted of many input wheels and display windows. It was not the first built, but he does get the credit. The person before him who tried to build it didn’t do such a good job as he did. Unfortunately his calculator did not become commercially successful, people tried improving on it but it didn’t become successful for 200 years.That is a long time, but nowadays we have the digital calculator and I have to say I like it way more than I like the mechanical calculator if I ever even used a mechanical calculator which I did not, but I just say that I like the digital calculator.

Blaise pascal

Blaise pascal was born in France in 1623, he invented the mechanical calculator but he is best known for his law. His law is the transmission of pressure fluid. He was interested in the vacuum concept, he also wrote theological books. He unfortunately died when he was only 39. He was an important contribution to science. I’d say my favorite invention of Blaise pascal was The mechanical calculator, because slowly the mechanical calculator evolved into the digital calculator. So technically he put the digital calculator in motion.

Thank you for reading today’s essay, I hope you have a very nice day ,night, or evening wherever you are. Bye for now and see you next time. Oh, but before you leave would you like to share with me what you learned about in today’s essay? Anyway bye.


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