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The Tsa’lamvi

Essay #11 English 5th Grade

Hello, today I will be talking about the tsa’lamvi. Let’s get started. We will talk about it wisdom, and it’s attack damage. Then we will talk about is hit points, or helth. Last we will talk about its attacks. But first before we start I should tell you that the tsa’lamvi is a mythical creature I learned about from a book called “ Inferno” by Leslie Tyre. I love the monster so I decided to make him a character in my DND game. I also decided to spell his name differently.

All right, let’s start with its wisdom. The tsa’lamvi has +4 wisdom, meaning, if there is an ambush it would sense it, so you can’t sneak attack it. Now we will talk about it attack damage. It has a +5 attack damage. In shorter words that means it hurts a lot when you get hit by it.

Next let’s talk about its hit points. The tsa’lamvi has 85 hit points, so it can take a beating. It is very hard to kill one of these guys. My tip since I am the creator of this beast in my DND game, “ don’t mess with this guy! He is really powerful!”

Now last but not least, it’s attacks. Its main attacks are: the common sword attack, shield smash and super scream. It’s secondary attacks are spell absorber and Re-bouncer, fire breath, dark gray, and earthquake. It’s attacks are pretty deadly.

Thank you for reading about tsa’lamvi. I hope you enjoy. I have a quick question, do you play DND; if you do, then what is your favorite monster? Anyway by and see you next time.


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