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Gottfried Leibniz, The piano, The thermometer, and the Seismometer

Essay #26 History Of Inventions

Hello, in today’s lesson I will be talking about Gottfried Leibniz, The piano, the thermometer, and the Seismometer. I hope you enjoy, let’s get started.

Gottfriend Leibniz

Gottfried leibniz was born in 1646, he was the son of a professor. He started college at 15, he published his first book at the age of 19. By the time he was 20 he made 4 degrees. He went to work for the German government. He accessed a scientific inspiration in France. He invented the Leibniz wheel, it was crucial for mechanical calculators.

The piano

Bart Cristofori Invented the piano in the 1700s. That’s also when he finished the piano. The piano is a string instrument that uses keys to trigger a hammer that then hits a string that makes the sound of the piano. It is musically versatile, you can use it in classic, jazz, rock, and so on, and video game music don’t forget about that. Ha ha. Anyway the design was improved as a result of Bachs crucial comments. Mozart then wrote successful music. The piano led to the development of the electronic keyboard.

The thermometer

Early thermometers had no standardized scales, so technically it was just a thing in your house that had almost, no meaning. If you didn’t know, but you most likely did, the thermometer measures temperature, the numerous our monitors have a scale around the boiling and melting points of water. I’m pretty sure you know how a thermometer looks. But if you don’t I will describe it to you. It has a plastic plate that says numbers in Fahrenheit and Celsius, and then placed on top of the plate we have the glass too, most likely nowadays it’s plastic. And inside of the tube we either have alcohol, mercury, or mineral spirits, when the temperature changes the liquid inside either go up or down, for cold or hot. The thermometer offers practical benefits like weather forecasting and cooking. They are crucial in industrial and power production processes, they are also used in medicine.

The seismometer

Nicholas Carrillo invented a seismometer that used a pendulum in 1731. The seismometer measures earthquakes, modern seismometers have electronics to improve the sensitivity of finding earthquakes. The seismometer can prevent death by tsunami‘s and volcanoes, because it senses it before it can really get to land or explode. A series of earthquakes in Italy in the 1700s drove interest in creating better seismometers. Those series of earthquakes were disastrous to the economy. The signs on meter by the way, needs a scale to compare measurements. Overall the seismometer saves lives and is a very good invention.

Thank you for reading this essay about Gottfried Leibniz, The piano, the thermometer, and the seismometer.I hope you enjoy, would you like to share with me what you learned about from today’s essay? Bye and see you next time.


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