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The Newcomen steam engine, Thomas Newcomen, The Coke fire blast furnace, and The Octant

Essay #25 History Of Inventions

Hello, in today’s essay I will be talking about the Newcomen steam engine, Thomas Newcomen, the Coke fire blast furnace, and the octant, let us begin.

The Newcomen steam engine

Thomas Newcomen was an English Baptist ironworker, he built the worlds first true steam engine in 1712. Steam engines perform mechanical work, they use the vacuum concept to power the pump. It successfully pumped water out of minds, this is something minors wanted for a long time. This invention made the Coke fired blast furnace more popular, because the newcomen steam engine needed iron that the Coke fire blast furnace produced. So it was kind of like a win-win. The Newcomen steam engine had many improvements over time, these improvements made it better, one of them were a smoother transition. It wasn’t like clank ,clank clank, clank, clank clank clank, it was more smooth.

Thomas Newcomen

Thomas Newcomen was born in Dartmouth in 1663, he became a Ironmonger.He most likely worked with Thomas savory on his engine (The miners friend). Thomas Avery and Thomas Newcomen got their patent together in 1707, savories pump was not too great though. Although Thomas Newcomen improved it. Newcomen’s new engine was a modern marvel! It’s finally overcame the mine flooding problem. The Newcomen steam engine was his greatest achievement. His work supported his preaching. There were over 600 engines, totally instated, by the end of the 1600s.

The coke fired blast furnace

Abraham Darby was born in 1678 at Woodsettle, Woodsetton, Staffordshire. Darby learned the metallurgy Coke burning process.

Coke is “the solid residue of impure carbon obtained from bituminous coal and other carbonaceous materials after removal of volatile material by destructive distillation. It is used as a fuel and in making steel.”-The free Dictionary app.

Darbys iron smelting factory was more efficient than others. Yes he did create a factory. His iron became competitive with brass. He figured out how to make iron thinner, he made cheap pots and pans, utensils, and tools. Darbys factory remained in business long after his death in 1717. The Coke burning blast furnace made the industrial revolution possible in 1800.

The octant

John Headley was born in 1682, and he was the one who invented the octant. The octant measures distance in between celestial objects, it was quite small and easy to handle, and its unique design reduced error. It could be used at day or night. It lines up with the sun’s horizon. The octant had overtaken the market by 1780, it was available in many different options. The sailors used the octant and the sextant, but the octant was still more popular.

Thank you for reading this essay about the Newcomen steam engine, Thomas Newcomen, The Coke fired blast furnace, and the octant. I hope you enjoyed, would you like to share with me what you learned about from today’s essay? By and see you next time.


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