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The best advice I ever got

Essay #13 English 5th grade

Hello, in today’s essay I will be talking about the best advice I ever got. Let’s get started.

The best advice that I ever got was when I was at my friends house. So, we were sword fighting, and I needed help to learn how to use my new weapon, so he help me. I was, for some reason, very scared, so he told me this. “ Man, if you’re scared to use this weapon, then, just don’t sword fight. You have to get through it; we were all scared when we first started, but we got through it. You can get through it too. Now let’s go!” These words encouraged me to learn my new weapon and in the end I did. I got promoted all the way from a squire, to an earl. Then, I became a vampire, because my character was getting really old and he was about to die so, I needed to live for eternityyyyyy!!! Ha ha, just kidding, but not really with the part that I lived for eternity. I ended this character a long time ago when I started a new one.

Thank you for reading this essay about the best advice I ever got, I hope you enjoyed. Would you like to share with me what the best advice you ever got was? Bye and see you next time.


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