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The swivel chair, selective breeding, electrosis, and the threshing machine.

Essay #29 History Of Inventions

Hello, in today’s essay I will be writing about the swivel chair, selective breeding, electrosis, and the threshing machine. Let’s get started.

The swivel chair

Thomas Jefferson was born in Virginia and 1743; he invented lots of small, practical devices, including the swivel chair. They rotate on an axis in circles. At first Thomas Jefferson only modified a regular chair. These chairs have great maneuverability, do you know those times when you’re at the doctors office having a check up, and they have a little swivel chair there, with wheels, of course, and all thay do is push, examine, push, type on the laptop, and so on.

Some swivel chairs are even made for extreme comfort. Everyone likes swivel chairs.I like pretending I’m in a F1. I know it’s very childish of me, but I am a child so, ha! I can do whatever I want with swivel chairs, except when my mom tells me not to do something with them. Anyway, swivel chairs are a standard modern office furniture, some offices, mostly all of them, have swivel chairs for the person who’s sitting at the desk, and regular chairs for the person who is visiting, or the visitor. Sometimes you can say it marks, rank. Anyway, overall swivel chairs are a very good, practical, and useful invention.

Selective breeding

Robert Bakewell was born in 1725, and he grew up on a farm. Selective breeding was his way of raising higher quality animals; selective breeding produced desirable traits in animals, such as, more milk production, more meat, etc. etc. Various breeding techniques were used, one of them was to genetically be diverse to improve animal health. Bakewell sold his selectively breed animals at the market, he also sold pure bred animals to other farmers. Later, he formed a society, in 1783, to train other farmers about selective breeding.


Martin van Marum was born in the 1750s, and in 1784 he designed a large generator. With it he invented electrolysis. Electrolysis breaks compounds into elements, using an electric current. Electrolysis is used to generate hydrogen and oxygen gas, it also extracts metal from water and creates methane gas. It also revealed a lot of the periodic table elements.

The threshing machine

Andrew Meikle was born in 1719. When he was young, an early version of the threshing machine get someone had built was a commercial failure, so when Meikle got older he fixed its problems; he then patented the threshing machine in 1788. It beaded the wheat from the chaff; his machine was hand fed, and it was the size of a piano. Threshing machines are now called combines. If you didn’t know, Meikle did not get rich on his invention.

Thank you for reading today’s essay. I hope you enjoyed! Would you like to share with me what you learned about that was new this week? Anyway, by and see you next time.


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