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Kindness, what would I do to help the world

Essay #16 English 5th grade

Hello, today’s essay will be writing about what I would do to help the world. Let us begin.

What I would want to see in the world is more kindness, I think we need way more kindness.

Once I was biking at the beach, and a girl’s umbrella started to fly away with the wind and she started to ran after it. There was a young man walking by when the umbrella flew with the wind and he did nothing, he didn’t even move a muscle! The girl had to run a long way to get her umbrella when the guy could’ve just stopped it. I was really irritated! I was going very fast in the opposite direction on my bike so I couldn’t really do anything. If I was walking I probably would’ve stopped it, as I said before, he, who was walking, very slowly, didn’t even move a muscle to help! And he looked like a pretty strong guy, he could’ve ran to it easily, but he just let it fly past him and did nothing. All he did was watch the girl try and catch up to it, eventually she did, but he could’ve made the process way faster. I even said to my mom, “Geez that guy didn’t even help.” I said this in Romanian, so he couldn’t understand, even though we were very far away at that point.This is an example of why I think there should be more kindness in the world.

To help, I would create a program to educate people on the value of being kind. Probably most people know the golden rule, “do unto others as you would like others to do onto you,” however, not all are living by it. You don’t only be kind to receive something, or to get something in return, you be kind because it’s how you want others to be to you, and also because it’s the right thing to do. Love and kindness are the force, or fuel, or a healthy, strong, and happy society.

Thank you for reading this essay, I hope you enjoyed. Do you think there should be more kindness in the world? Let me know in the comments below. Anyway, by and see you next time.


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