What I enjoyed and what I learned about from my 5th grade English Class

Essay #17 English 5th Grade

Hello, and today’s essay I will be writing about what I enjoy the most and what I learned about from my 5th grade English class. Let’s get started.

First I’m gonna start off with what I learned about. I learned about so many things so I’m going to name a few. I learned about Latin and Greek root words, and I also learned about sentence patterns, a lot of sentence patterns. I also learned about punctuation rules, not too many, only 40. I’m just joking, that was a lot. I had no idea the English language had so many punctuation rules, did you? I’m glad that I learned about all these rules in this class, because my teacher made them very easy to understand. I also learned about all the verb tenses too, and my favorite was learning about confusing words, I really enjoyed the lessons with confusing words. Two of those words were: cord and chord. Not last but not least I will talk about what I enjoy the most, yes confusing words, but more than that I enjoyed actually being in the 5th grade English class its self. The entire program was amazing, it was very well put, and it was also, obviously, very informative.

Thank you for reading this essay, I hope you enjoyed. What was your favorite thing you learned about from your English class? Anyway bye and see you next time.

4 thoughts on “What I enjoyed and what I learned about from my 5th grade English Class

  1. Cool essay!
    I’m getting close to finishing most of my school and then I’ll be able to breeze through the rest of English and the extra 10 science lessons (yes, I’m 15 lessons behind on English).


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