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The steamboat, the power loom, the argand lamp, and Robert Fulton

Essay #32 History Of Inventions

Hello, in today’s essay I will be writing about the steamboat, the power loom, the argand lamp, and Robert Fulton. Let’s get started.

The steamboat

John Fitch developed America’s first steamboat that worked; the steamboat increased travel speed, and could travel upstream. At first, they were made of wood and then progressed to steel. Steam engines powered paddle wheels that propelled the steamboat. There were multiple styles of boats, like grain carriers and passenger ships. Although John Fitch’s business failed, the idea lived on with Robert Fulton. Robert Fulton made the boating industry commercially successful around 1809. Isenbarger Brunel innovated the steamboat design later on, and others quickly copied his success. Overall the steamboat made way to modern cruise ships.

The power loom

Edmund Carwright was born in 1743. He foresaw the need of a power loom, weavers wouldn’t be able to use all the thread. People were skeptical but Arkwright wasn’t defeated by their skepticism. He hired craftsman to build his invention, and then the power loom was invented. The power loom weaves fabric using steam engines. It increased fabric quality and efficiency, it improved production efficiency, that’s what I wanted to say.

The argand lamp

Francois Argand was born in 1750; he picked up the mechanical abilities that his father had, and studied with a famous Swiss scientist. He invented the first innovation in oil lamp technology in 1780, he had just invented the argand lamp. It was much, much brighter than the old lamps, in other words 10 times brighter; it’s secret was it’s hallow wick, the glass tube that steadied the flame, and the reflectors that focus the light. And they also needed less maintenance and were cheaper than normal candles, or the older candles. At first the lamp was very expensive but overtime the lamp became affordable to lower classes.

Robert Fulton

Robert Fulton was born in 1765; he was inspired by a visit with Henry as a child to build a steamboat. He started building his steamboat in Europe. He kind of, if you want to say, started the steamboat industry and advanced warships and, yes submarines. His success rested upon the wealth of Robert Livingstone, Robert helped him a lot. Overall Robert Fulton was an amazing inventor.

Thank you for reading this essay. I hope you enjoyed, and what did you learn about that was cool this week? Bye and see you next time.


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