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My first 6th grade English essay

In today’s essay I will write about F1. F1 is a very high speed and high performance sport that uses very fast and modified cars. I will post a picture of an F1 car below. My dad took this picture at the Miami GP.

  First, let’s start with the training that drivers have to do, and what they have to put up with in a race. They have tho do neck, heart, head, leg, and arm exercises. F1 is a very demanding sport for the body, and very hard work for the drivers. Drivers have to put up with continuous G’s, (5X the gravitational force, the max is 6 G’s) for a hole 2h, or a full race. As an extreme example, for instance, if they crash, or miss a corner at 160 mph and hit the wall, that would be 25 G’s, or 26X their body weight. Usually they can survive that, an average human would not.

  Second, let’s talk about the DRS and ERS systems. The DRS, or drag reduction system, is a small flap that opens at the back of the car, or at the back wing. ERS or energy recovery system, is like battery reserve that the cars have, the driver can turn it on and off when he wants.

  And last but not least, I will tell you all the F1 teams. All the teams are Oracle Red Bull Racing, Scuderia Ferrari, Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team, McLaren F1 Team, Scuderia Alphatauri, Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One Team, Haas F1 Team, Williams Racing, Alfa Romeo F1 Team Orlen, and BWT Alpine F1 Team. If you are wondering, I am a Max Verstapen fan, he drives for Oracle Red Bull Racing.

  I hope you enjoyed this intro to F1, and I will see you next time. Oh! And before you go did you learn anything about F1 and F1 teams? Now Bye for real.


Red arrow = where DRS is located


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