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My favorite part of this weeks world tour

Hello, in todays essay I will write about my favorite part of this week’s world tour in history. I am fascinated by the early Greeks history, 3000 to 1100 BCE.

I really enjoy the Greek mythology, I especially like the Iliad and the Odyssey. When I read it, I fell in love with the Greek Gods, the worrier Achilles, and a man named Paris. Paris started the war, because he stole the king of Athens’s wife. The Greeks got mad and started the Trojan war. The war lasted approximately 80 years. Now that’s a lot. Did you know that the Greeks built a gigantic horse made of wood so they could invade the city of Troy? They faked that they fled from the city, but only went to an island nearby. They left the Trojan horse, filled with soldiers, behind, and the Trojans, thinking that it was gift, moved it inside their city walls; then, at night, the Greeks came out of the belly of the wooden horse and burned the city.

The early Greek tribe, the Minoans, were good agriculturalists, potters, and metal workers. They lived on the Greek island of Crete. Crete is located on the bottom of the Greek territory. It is 150 miles long.

Here are a few greek goods and goddesses, from the Olympians family:

  • Zeus, the god of lighting
  • Poseidon, the god of the sea
  • Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty
  • Ares, the god of war
  • Hera, the goddesses of marriage

There’s so much more to share about the ancient greeks, but this is what I was mostly faceted by.

Thank you for reading this essay, I hope you enjoyed.

Do you like Greek mythology?

Anyway, bye and see you next time.


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