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What I think about The Railway Children

Hello, in todays essay I will white about what I thought about The Railway Children. Let’s get started.

My favorite part of the book was when their father returned. I liked this part because it was a time when they were all together again, and I like that. Over all the book was a fun read, and I enjoyed the whole book especially the end where their dad returned, I already told you why. We did not get to see, or hear, much about their father except for the first chapters. That created a sense of suspense and mystery. It made me (the reader), always wonder what could have happened to the father, was he still alive, will the kids ever get to see him again? But in the end he showed up. I could feel the joy of the kids when they got to hug their father; I like when all the characters are happy united again. I like it when all characters are united and happy together, especially when it is a family.

 I liked that the climax was very clear, and was very interesting. From the start to the end, the book was a very fun and action packed read. I also loved the pictures, in the end their was a picture of them hugging their father.

Thank you for reading this essay, I hope you enjoyed. Did you ever read this book? Bye and see you next time.


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