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How I see the things that God made around us

Hello, in todays Essay I will write about how I see things that god created around us. Let’s get started.

I am grateful for all the things that God created around us, like the trees, the sand, the waters, and of coarse, life its self. God created all of us an I thank him for that. When we, for example, we call our selves dumb or stupid, we are technically calling God bad, or dumb, for making us. So I try and limit labeling my self and others. Unless I say I am capable, or something that makes God smile.

However, I don’t stop myself from thanking God of all the beautiful things made in this world, and the solar system. Not only the solar system and earth, but the entire universe.

Thank you for reading this essay, I hope you learned something, bye and see you next time.


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