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A week of surf and art camp with my friend

Hello, in todays essay I will write about the fun time I had with my friend Jamal. By the way, this is not his real name, I have changed it for privacy purposes.

Jamal has been my friend since I was six, and he moved away recently to Costa Rica, and this summer he and his family came back for a visit. Unfortunately I was in Romania when he arrived, but lucky for me, I arrived in time to have 3 more weeks with him. Both of us like surfing and we also like art, so we took a surf and art camp together. It was very fun.

I learned how to make a new style of tie dye on a T-shirt, and of coarse we caught a lot of waves. I love surfing but doing it with my friend 10X my experience. 

Do you you know what would make this experience even better? More surf and art camps together, and archery and “Medieval Times” games.

Thank you for reading this essay I hope you enjoyed, what fun experience can you recall from this summer? Anyway bye and see you next time.

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