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In todays essay I will write about the country of Romania. You probably heard about Transylvania before, but maybe you didn’t know that Transylvania is a large region of the Romanian country. In fact, my mom is from that region of Romania, and when I was 16 months old, my parents took me to visit one of Dracula’s castles, Bran, castle.

Romania is a medium size country, with a population of about 19 million people, and they all speak a language called Romanian. Romanian is a Latin language not a Slavic language as most people believe it to be, due to its geographical location. Yes, Romania is the only Latin speaking country in the Balkanic Peninsula. “Historians state the Balkans comprise Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, and Slovenia.” -Wikipedia

For a medium size country, Romania has practically everything, from mountains (the Carpathian mountains), to rivers (the Danube also the second largest river in Europe). The Danube starts in the Black Forest Mountain in Germany, and ends in Romania in the Black sea through the Danube delta.

Romania has many castles, Dracula’s castle, Peles castle, Corvinilor castle, just to name a few, and ruins that date back to 2,700 years ago. The ruins of the oldest city in Romania were studied at the start of the XX century and found in the Doborogean plateau. You can visit the temple of Aphrodite and Zeus today, built by the Greeks that passed through Romania 2,700 years ago.

Romania has a lot of good food, it’s fresh, tasty, and overall very good, especially their watermelon, that is sooooooo good. My favorite food is polenta with cheese, it is super good. The texture is soft and a bit bumpy, it’s actually very hard to describe, you have to try it yourself. But over over all the food is great.

Thank you for reading this essay, although Romania is significantly smaller than the United States, it has all you need, from rivers, to mountains, to lakes, to the Black Sea, and to new and old cities. Again, thank you for reading and see you next time.


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