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Why the Egyptians cared about death and after life so much

In today’s essay I will write about why Egyptians cared so much about death and afterlife, did they think that the person that has died would come and attack them if they didn’t remember it, or was it another reason, or did they just simply like to focus on the afterlife. Let’s get started and find out!

You probably noticed, Egyptians really cared about death and afterlife, after all, they built giant pyramids, and fascinating tombs in the valley of kings.

They thought that after one died their spirit came out of their dead body and floated around. They believed that one had to go to the afterlife with plenty of resources, like food, money, especially money! King Tut’s tomb was filled with gold artifacts.

The rich people and the pharaohs got very big and fascinating tombs filled with a lot of food and money, or gold. On the other hand the poor people didn’t get as fascinating tombs. For example a pharaohs tomb would be filled with paintings and pictures on the walls, a bunch of gold artifacts on him and around him, and a fascinating coffin. On the other hand, a poor person would get a smaller tomb, maybe he wouldn’t even get paintings on the wall, and the tomb wouldn’t be filled with so much gold artifacts, and his coffin wouldn’t be as glamorous as the pharaohs.

The Egyptians believed that when one died they would split into two spirits called the Ka and Ba. The Ka spirit could leave the coffin, eat, drink and explore, but at night he had to return. On the other hand the Ba spirit was required to stay close to the mummy or the dead body.

Based on all of this information we can conclude that the Egyptian valued life after death, maybe even as much as they valued their life on Earth.

Thank you for reading this essay, I hope you enjoyed. Do you believe in what the Egyptian’s believed? Anyway, bye and see you next time.¬†

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