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What happens when people try to do things against Gods will

Hello, you probably already read the title, that’s what I will be writing about. Anyway, I will tell you, I will be writing about what happens when people try to do things against God’s will. Lets get started

“And the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed them up, and their houses, and all the men that appertained unto Korah, and all their goods.” (King James Version, Numbers 16:32) Why did this happen? They disobeyed the will of God. Although this is quite an extreme example; when people try to do things that are against God’s will, their is always a consequence. 

I will also give a second example. When Moses went up to mound Sinai and received the Commandments, one of the commandments were to never make a false God, keep this in mind. So when Moses returned he had found out that the Israelites have built a Lamb made out of gold and worshiped it, and if you remember what I have said earlier, this literally went against one of the commandments. So as a consequence about 1.2 million Israelites died because they worshiped that false God.

And now for my final example. When the Israelites went to take over one of the cities of Canaan, and they sent about 300 men, because they thought that it was going to be easy. But they did not win the battle, and this was because one of the Israelites had sinned by taking the gold that they have scavenged from the other cities and keeping it to himself instead of giving it over to build their temple. And as a consequence of him doing that he was killed. And yes, God did tell them to do this. He told them to give their gold to build the temple.

My point here is this. I believe that if God tells you to do something, we must trust that it is for the grater good. I think that when God tells you something he already knows the consequences of doing it or not; because he has infinite knowledge and power.

What do you think about about God giving everybody the free will to choose and do whatever they want? Anyway, bye, and I hope you enjoyed reading this essay. See you later. 

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