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My daily routine

Hello, in today’s essay I will be writing about my daily routine. What I do in the morning, the afternoon, and last but not least before I go to bed or in other words at night. All right let’s get started.

First we will talk about what I do in the morning. Usually in the morning when I wake up, and I’ll try and remember my dreams, that doesn’t always work out; I don’t always remember them,  but I try to. Next I make my bed, and then of course I brush my teeth. After I do these things I’ll eat breakfast. Then I’ll do a little bit of journaling on the things I’m grateful of, and the magic I witnessed today or the day before. And then I start school. At about 11:00 I have piano class, on Mondays. That is my daily routine for the morning.

Second we will talk about what I do in the afternoon. In the afternoon at about 1:00, let’s say, I’m probably almost done with school, and at that point I would eat lunch. After I am finished with my lunch I will continue my school and finish it. When I’m done with my school I have a little bit of free time or free exploration time if you want to say it that way. In this time I usually look up how to become a Formula One driver or watch a Formula One race replay. After I’m done with this I go to soccer.

And now for the third time of the day, or in this case night. After soccer I obviously come back home, I take a shower, and I eat dinner. After I eat dinner I usually go to bed in 30 minutes. Usually in those 30 minutes, I play chess with my dad or I am review my math. And that is my entire daily routine.

Thank you for in this essay, I hope you enjoy. Do you have any similarities in your daily routine? Anyway by and see you next time.


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