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My favorite hobby

My favorite hobby. For some this may be hard, and others easy. For me it was a bit harder. I like soccer, but I also like go-carting to; it is a hard decision, I feel that I like carting a bit more. And I’m not talking about slow karting, I’m talking 45 mph carts. I like doing the fast ones, to get as close as I can to professional carting. Anyway let me tell you about it.

I go to a carting place in Orlando, I usually go with my dad. The reason I like carting is because I love F1, or formula one. Most F1 drivers started their career with carting. I love the thrill of speed, and I love driving in general. But I understand that I should go the speed limit on the real road when I start do drive. I do not like to be reckless; even on the track.

To do carting, you must find a track, and you need a cart, but usually the places that have the track open for public also have rental carts, and helmets. You have have to go with closed shoes, and you have to be at least 48 inches tall and six years old.

That is my favorite hobby. What is yours? Anyway thank you for reading this essay, bye, and I will see you next time.


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