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Samson the mighty warrior, yet in the end some may say not. Samson is what todays lesson is about. Yes, the mighty Samson, and how he died in the end. Let’s go.

Samson was the last of the judges who judged Israel. When Samson was born he was to keep three oaths because he was a Nazarite, the first being: he shall never touch a dead carcass. And the second: he shall never drink wine. And last but not least: he shall never cut his hair. Unfortunately he broke all these oaths throughout his life.

The first one he broke was to never touch a dead carcass. On his way to visit his future wife, he killed a lion. Some time later when he returned home, he passed by the same carcass and he saw a honey comb on the dead lion, and he picked it up and ate it. I’m doing so we touch the car this and broke his oath.

Later with the philistine woman, he broke the oath that said: he shall not ever drink wine. When he arrived at her house, after a wile she gave him wine and asked him to tell him his biggest secret. Side note, this woman was working with the Philistines king and the king wanted to kill Samson. Anyway, back to what’s happening. Samsung manages to tell her false information about his biggest secret, but after a little while he gives her the big secret, he can never cut his hair. And later he falls asleep because she put something in his drink and she calls someone to cut his hair and the king’s men come and burn his eyes out. And with out his hair, he no longer has and strength.

He was then taken to be a slave by the same men that burned his eyes out. Some time passed and his hair grew back. Then when everybody gathered at a temple to worship their God, Dagom, and humiliate him, he asked to lean on a pillar. As he was on this piller, he asked God for his strength back. God gave him his strength back. As his last stand, he managed to push the pillar that he was on while he was screaming “I will die with the Philistines.” And he destroyed the entire temple, with everybody inside, including himself. At least he was not killed by those horrible men.

Even though you may be strong physically, you also have to be strong spiritually. We clearly saw that in the case of samson. What do you think about his life? Anyway, bye and I will see you next time.

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