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What I like to do after school

Hello, what do I like to do after school? I have many things I like to do after school, and they all make me unwind and relax. I like to play F1 and drive go carts, I like to play DnD, and I like to play with my friends outside. 

I will start with DnD. I like drawing on my DnD city map. It is quite fun to draw these kind of things, because I love drawing maps and that kind of stuff. I also like to play DnD with my friends Ian and Hendrick. Ian is very good at being DM, or dungeon master, he is very good at story telling. I also love the role playing part of DnD. I like drawing battle maps and making campaigns. My friend Ian is going to let me DM a campaign soon, I am an assistant DM.

I also like to play F1, or in other words formula 1. As I said in my other essay, I love carting and driving F1. I am an F1 fan, I am even in an online F1 club. I am obsessed with watching F1 races. My favorite driver is Max Verstappen.

I also really enjoy playing with my friends Ian and Hendrick outside. They live close by, so that is nice. We push each other on a cart/wagon, once we even put a brick on top of the cart and sent it down a little hill straight to a jump that we made. We also pretend we were in a battle with Nerf guns. Another fun thing is playing Star Wars Legos inside. Sometimes we even take little Lego ships into the river and sail them. We also build little huts out of stones, there’s small, and miniature, but we make cities out of these little huts. And also we have a lot of sleep overs, that’s always fun.

So these are the things that I like to do after school. What about you, what do you like after school? Anyway bye and see you next time.


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