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Cat of Bubastes

In the cat of Bubastes by G. A. Henty, Amuba and Jethro are captured in a battle and taken to Egypt to be servants. As servants they make a big mistake that could cost them their lives. Will they manage to escape?   

Amuba’s father, the king, was killed in a battle against the invading Egyptians. In that same battle, Prince Amuba was captured along with his friend Jethro. They were taken to be servants and tested to see their potential. Both Amuba and Jethro passed the test and became servants of Chebron. Chebron was important because his father was the high priest. King Thutmose III was going on a conquest to capture Rebu, which was the land that belonged to Amubas father, just in case you were wondering why the Egyptians attacked.

When they were slaves, they went on a hunting expidition to kill a bird that was hurting the animals that belonged to he kingdom. So they went their and they wated for the animal to arrive, and when it did. They killed it, but they also accidentally killed the cat of Bubastes. I’m going to make a prediction on what I think will happen because they killed the cat of Bubastes. 

I think that since the cat is such a sacred animal, and they killed it, things are not going to end well for them, I think that maybe they will be forced to work in slavery. They might even be stripped of all their valuables and maybe, even everything they own. In Egypt it is quite bad to kill a cat so I think they’re going to have a major punishment, like I already said. They might get away with it, but I don’t think so. This did happen on accident, but still, it is still, very much, considered killing a cat. So, I have mixed thoughts if they’re going to end up being punished or they might slip away with it because it was an accident. I’m not sure,maybe they will be punished severely, or it maybe that they will slip away with it. Again, this is just my prediction. It might not be what really happens, and I very much doubt that it is what really happens.

Thank you for reading my essay on what I think will happen to the main characters after they killed the cat of Bubastes, if you have any ideas, feel free to tell me them. Overall, I hope you enjoy this essay and I hope I’m right on my prediction. Bye for now and I will see you next time.

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