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A creative writing on the aftermath of the Cat of Bubastes

Abuba is king, he is ruling over the land of Rubu, with glory and kindness for his people. After overthrowing the puppet king that Egypt sent he’s now king. I’m going to make a creative writing on what I think he will do as king.

Now that Amuba is the king of Rebu, he will have removed all the Egyptians from his government and now be building new huts and homes to expand the city. I think he will try to build a major army to try and take over Egypt that killed his dad. So after he does this, many years have passed, and has aged a bit. But that does not stop him from going on his conquest.

Now he has just captured the bottom part of Egypt and he is now going to capture the top. his son helps him do this as now he is older. After many battles, he finally does it, he as avenged his father. He now names the capital after his father. And makes unique huts that do not look like the the Egyptian huts. Now he is old, and he dies, so then his son is now king.

This was all just in my imagination, so do not think this really happens. This doesn’t because there is no chapter that leads to this, this is technically another chapter added to the book. Anyway, this is what I think he will do now that he is king. Do you have any ideas of what he will do? Bye and see you next time.    


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