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Bacterial canker and black knot diseases

Bacterial canker and the black knot are both destructive diseases that can infect trees. 

I will be writing about the following:

  • What they are
  • What plants are affected
  • How they manifests
  • How to treat them 

The Black Knot

The Black Knot is a fungal infection that can affect plum and cherry trees; this is unfortunate because many people really like cherries. 

It warps trees and branches stunting the growth. It looks like black balls all connected to each other and warping around the tree or branch, almost like you glued cotton together and painted black. You must kill this disease before it spreads by removing any knots you see with a knife.

Bacterial Canker

This one appears to be dry

Next is the bacterial canker, which is a bacterial infection, that also affects mostly cherry and plum trees.  The difference is that this one looks like black sap, and it will kill a tree after some time. The texture is gummy and watery and not pleasant to look at.  To get rid of it, you must remove all the dead limbs of the tree.

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