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My grandfather

Jose Mia de Mello Massa was hard-working, intelligent and admired by everyone in Brazilian Navy, especially as he won the Naval Order of Merit Medal. He was born in 1936 in Rio de Janeiro and he was my grandfather.

My grandfather had  3 younger sisters: Maria Elena, Maria Lucia, and Maria Elza. He married my grandma who I call vova Norma. His kids were my dad, may aunt, and my uncle.

He loved the beaches of the North East and South East of Brazil. He also loved the cities of Natal, Rio de Janeiro, and Florianopolis.  He liked to spend his summer vacations in these areas.

He also enjoyed Ann Arbor Michigan and Boulder Colorado. His favorite city in Portugal was Porto.

His  first job was as an officer in the Brazilian Navy, he was also a navel and electrical engineer there too. Not only that, but he was a commander of ships for Brazilian navy too, and Director of engineering of the Brazilian Space Research institute. He also worked in research and development in the area of space technology and telecommunications. He lived everywhere in Brazil where there were Navy bases.

He liked walking, running, and exercising. The navy maybe made him take care of himself till the end.

He also lived in the US when he came to do his studies. He had a masters degree in naval engineering from MIT and a PhD in electrical engineering from University of Michigan. He also liked studying and reading about epistemology, which is a branch of philosophy concerning in theories about knowledge.

He lived into his 70s, and up until the end he was happy with his full life. We remember him, and love him as my grandfather and a great man.   


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