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Where I would go if I could travel around the world

There are so many cities, and so many places in general, that I could go to if I were to travel around the world. I have chosen that I would go to Greece and Egypt. I find these very interesting places.

I would want to travel to Greece because I was always interested in ancient Greece and their architecture. I would want to look at their fascinating temples, their old Greek ruins, and most definitely go to a museum that would tell me about the ancient Greeks. I also want to walk around and enjoy the scenery. After all it is an entirely different culture from here in the US.

I would also certainly want to go to Egypt. You probably already know what I would want to see: yes, the great pyramids. I never really got to see the pyramids in person, so this would be my opportunity. I’d also want to see other ruins, like ancient cities that have been destroyed by time or by war. Just like Greece, I would want to go to a museum that would tell me all about the Egyptians. Of course I would walk around the streets to see what kind of cool scenery and culture there is. I am very interested in their food, and their monuments. 

Greece and Egypt are both the sites of ancient civilizations, which really are interesting to me. If I got to visit those places, it would be like visiting the past and bringing my favorite history lessons to life. 


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