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I will be writing about India according to what I read in Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne.

The book Around The World In 80 Days in an adventure story written in 1872 by Jules Verne. In the story the main characters travel around the world and visit many places. One of the most interesting places they visit is India. Here the main characters ride on an elephant through the jungle and save a woman that is going to be burned alive! 

The main characters, Phileas Fogg and Passepartout travel through India on a elephant. So according to the book elephants are a sort of transportation in India. Kind of like in America (back then) we had horses In India that had elephants. Also India has some beautiful jungles, not only that but they also have rivers where they have people practicing Hinduism. This happens In the book when they pass by a stream and see people doing it.  And even though this book was written a while back, people still ride elephants today in India.

In the book there was also a part where a young woman was taken to be burned above her husband’s dead body for a ritual called sati. It was being done against her will.  Thankfully women are not forced to do this anymore. Once in awhile a woman will commit sati voluntarily but it is extremely rare. Also India has magnificent temples. Their architecture is very interesting.

I think that I would want to go to India to ride an elephant myself; I would also want to look at their magnificent temples. What about you? Do you want to ride on an elephant or see one of India’s temples.


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