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Around the world in 21 days

I would start at my home (FL), then go to South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, then home again. This trip is going to take 21 days while Philieas Foggs journey took 80. By the way, I did not actually take this trip. This is just a fiction writing.

After I leave Florida I go to Brazil Rio, by plane. I would spend about two days in Brazil not counting the day I arrived.The reason for this is because I have already been to Brazil many times, but I still would want to go because my dad is from there,And it’ll be nice to go to his home country.

From Brazil I would go to Ghana by boat.I would stay here for two days, again, not including the day I arrived. This is an entirely new place, so I’d probably want to do some sightseeing. My private training soccer coaches from here so I came here because I remembered that he was from here. Then I would take a plane to Egypt, i would stay there for three days. You already know why I want to see Egypt, yes, the pyramids.I’d also want to see the sphinx, and see some of their ancient architecture.

Now after Egypt would travel by steamboat to Italy and stay there for three days again.The reason I want to go to Italy is mostly just to do sightseeing, I thought it would be interesting to see the Colosseum and other interesting places that are in Italy. Kind of like Egypt I would just want to sightsee. After Italy I would go to Romania by plane and stay there for about two days. My mom is from Romania, and it’s not the first time I’ve been here, so I will just want to have a nice time with my grandparents and maybe even go to the city a bit.

My last stop would be Hong Kong.I would travel here by plane from Romania, and most likely stay there for about two days.I don’t really know why I decided to go to Hong Kong, maybe it was just to walk around and see what random places I can go to.

This trip Would be a great experience to see what other cultures are like around the world, by the end of it I’d probably be happy to be home though. I would fly from Hong Kong all the way back to Florida. I hope you enjoyed, by and see you next time.


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