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Archimedes and Greek Architecture

Both Archimedes and Greek architecture are very interesting things to learn about; that is exactly what I learned in history this week.   

Greek architecture. The Greeks had three types of pillars, the Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian pillars.

The Doric pillars are plane and thick, and the more common of all the pillars; used in most buildings.

The Ionic pillars are more elegant and slender; they were used them in the Parthenon.

The Corinthian pillar is extremely decorated! Though it was mostly used by the Romans not the Greeks, most likely for very elegant buildings.

There is a clear distinction in the architecture of buildings inhabited by the rich citizens and the poor. For more rich citizens they used more pillars and made many things out of marble. For the poor citizens they just made simple houses with a small courtyard.

Archimedes, Archimedes lived from 287-212 BC, and he accomplished many many things in his time. He was a great Greek mathematician and scientist. He was born in Syracuse, Sicily. Archimedes did many amazing things, he measured how many grains of sand it would take to fill up the entire universe at his time, he made a water screw, that helps gardeners, he also made cranes for war that would drop boulders on enemy ships! He was super duper smart and amazing. Many people call him the most influential man in history. I think so, I really think he is one of a kind, and had a brilliant mind. One other important discovery of Archimedes was that if you have a plank large enough and you put it underneath some thing and then balance the plank on another object you could lift the object then you put the plank underneath. Archimedes even said that if he had a plank big enough he could lift the earth. He also discovered the mass of some things like gold and silver. Overall he was a very amazing man.


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