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My fictional ad

My fictional ad is going to be on a product called Forrli. I will now start the ad.

You’re probably wondering what this product does. If you are, then I’m gonna tell you about it. This product can make you feel like your house is spot clean, because it is when you use this product. We extracted the most special minerals and the most healthy things on the planet and mixed them all together (with some scientific experimentation, it wasn’t just mixing for no reason) and Bam! You get Forrli! This product removes all the germs on the surface you sprayed on, and if it accidentally gets into your eyes, well it’s OK, because it won’t hurt you. We made it people friendly, so you don’t get hurt. You can use it on windows, walls, mirrors, anything! Well maybe not everything like a pile of poop or something like that but…….  mostly everything in your house! Buy this product today for $25! You can find it at any general store near you.

That was my fictional ad, I hope you liked it. It’s obviously fake, but it almost sounds like what somebody would say in real life, I think. Do you have any products that you think you would want to make a fictional ad for? Anyway, by and see you next time.


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