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In a few words, Romulus was the first king of Rome, he was the one who initially founded Rome. In this essay, I will be summarizing his life.

As you know from the introduction, Romulus was the first king of Rome, but how did he become the first king of Rome?

Romulus used to have a brother called Remus, and one day they wanted to found a kingdom, but they both had disagreements on where they wanted to make the capital city. So in their disagreement, Romulus and Remus fought against each other, physically. In the end Remus was killed by Romulus, and Romulus founded the city of Rome on the Palestine hill.

At first, Rome had more men than women, so Romulus decided to kidnap women from a nearby city. After he did this the city that he stole the woman from, got very angry, and decided to go to war with Rome. But the woman ran in between the battle, and told the men not to fight, because in fact, the women were happy with their new husbands.

To help Romulus rule, he created the Senate which were people that were elected to him help rule. There were 100 of them.

The people of Rome thought of Romulus as a God. When Romulus died, there were two different accounts of his death. The senate said that a cloud formed around him, and when it disappeared, he was dead. The non-ruling people said that a cloud had appeared around him, and when it went away, he was not there. These are two contradicting stories, but which one is true we don’t know. After hi death, the people thought that Romulus had been called up by the Gods to become a God himself.

We can see that Romulus was very much liked by his people, and when he died, they thought he was a God even more than they already did. Romulus was a good king and the founder of Rome.

What do you think about Romulus, which one of the stories of his death do you think it’s true? Bye and see you next time.

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