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What I would do if I was forced to invent something useful out of a strange itemsomething useful out of a strange item

There are many objects that exist in the world, so in this lesson, I chose to make a wind speed measurer (anemometer). I would make it out of sticks and cut in half avocados. 

Let’s make a scenario for this first. Let’s say I was stuck on an island and I hade to make an anemometer to make sure the wind would not knock down a telescope that I built out of materials that were not that strong to see if anyone was coming. First I would go out and gather 100 sticks, then I would scavenge for avocados. 

When I find all these things I would bundle up 30 sticks and use the rest  for the wind catchers. I would now cut the avocados in half with a knife then poke the sticks through them. I would make four half avocado wind catchers. I would attach two avocados to one stick on each side, then do this again. To re-enforce the sticks I would bundle them up to make them thicker and stronger. I do this to all the sticks. Now I have completed my anemometer.

Thank you for reading this session, I hope you enjoyed. What would you build that is important out of random objects? Anyway bye and see you next time. 


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