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The founding of Carthage


Carthage was founded  814BC when a group of Phoenicians had a bunch of goods and decided to take them across the Mediterranean. They established a number of colonies, and one of those colonies was a place called Carthage. Technically the Carthaginians were actually Phoenicians. At first Carthage started as trade colony.

Carthage was in northern africa in modern day Tunisia. It was in a perfect spot because it was in a safe spot and had an abundant supply of fish. It had access to the Mediterranean but was also shielded from many bad storms. It was an easily defendable position and it also was a strategic in east west Mediterranean trade. Since Carthage was a trade colony they made a lot of money from their trade and exploiting silver mines from North Africa. Then they were able to make a powerful navy. Carthage then was able to expand because they had a very powerful navy and they explored land and conquered  it. 

This is how carthage became such a powerful empire and controlled the mediterranean. I hope you enjoyed, bye and se you next time.

Resources: oversimplified (history channel on YouTube) and wikipedia


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