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Constantine the Great

Hello, this blog post is about Constantine the Great, the roman emperor. You may have heard of the city Constantinople, but did you know that the city Constantinople was named after Constantin, the Roman Emperor? Pretty cool right? Now onto Constantin and his life. Constantine was the son of “Flavius Valerius Constantius, an army officer,Continue reading “Constantine the Great”

Ancient Roman medicine

Nowadays, we have quite a solid medical system, but how was it back in the Roman empire? Up to now I never really thought about medicine back in the Roman empire, but after my latest lesson in history I decided to write a essay about it, so let’s begin. The ancient Romans took a lotContinue reading “Ancient Roman medicine”

Year of the four emperors

The year of the four kings is the year when Rome hade four emperors in one year. Galba, Otho, Vitellius, and Vespasian were the four emperors that ruled that year. Galba He was in Spain and found out he’s the Emperor. He made sure to secure all the Spanish provinces before leaving, and put someoneContinue reading “Year of the four emperors”

The Roman games

Weeks and Romans have their own types of games. The Greeks had Olympics, and Romans, well, in short they had gladiator fights. While the Olympics were more focused on sewing skills and not much killing, The Roman games were all about animals killing humans, humans killing humans humans killing animals, and mostly that. It wasContinue reading “The Roman games”

The founding of Carthage

Carthage was founded  814BC when a group of Phoenicians had a bunch of goods and decided to take them across the Mediterranean. They established a number of colonies, and one of those colonies was a place called Carthage. Technically the Carthaginians were actually Phoenicians. At first Carthage started as trade colony. Carthage was in northernContinue reading “The founding of Carthage”

A Greek mith that I made myself

Personally I really enjoy making my own stories that are not happening in modern times but in a time where the main weapons were swords and knives. So when I saw that I could write my own “Greek myth”, I was very happy. The name of this myth is The Ancient Shadow Dragon. A manContinue reading “A Greek mith that I made myself”

The Persian wars

In the time of the persian wars there were three major empires: Egypt, Greece, and Persia, who was the strongest of them all. Persia was about to have the greatest challenge of all time. First the Greeks would start the war with the Ionian revolt, then the battles of Marathon and Thermopylae, and finally theyContinue reading “The Persian wars”